About Us


Technology moves fast. Luckily so do we. Because technology is what we do. And we’re here to help. We are NOW Innovative Media.
We are artists, designers, engineers, thinkers and data driven, builders and dreamers on building on the best damn digital products possible for our clients. Helping reinvent & accelerate your digital reality by creating experiences that people want and businesses need.


We are the creators of the world's leading digital products, services and campaigns.
We are the helpers building and accelerating our customers' digital business.
We put people first, with a 'big enough to cope and small enough to care' culture.
We build a business that has a positive impact on our people, our customers and society.


A company that combines creativity, data, and technology, we have the tools to innovate and improve lives. That is why it is our mission to make a positive impact on our people, our customers, and society. That's what we go for - day in, day out. For the work, we make for our customers and the world around us and, the culture.